Year 5 Classes

Our new topic is ‘The Journey’

Although we will continue to learn about Space in Science our new topic will be surrounding ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna. This story will cover a wide variety of the curriculum. In history, we will be investigating the immigration and migration that has occurred historically in our local area. We will then look at the physical geography of the book mapping the character’s own physical journey.  As an artistic element to the topic we will investigate artists interpretations of the sea. This unit of study offers pupils the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the refugee crisis, learn about human rights and think critically about real issues in the world today.

What are your children learning this week?

(Week Beginning 26.11.18)
Topic – In topic we will be researching more about refugees. We will be using our research to write newspaper reports during our writing lessons. Pupils will need to gather factual information from a variety of resources including laptops, books and news articles.

Reading – We will be answering comprehension questions based on a newspaper report. This will support our writing skills by giving us the opportunity to read a range of rich texts before writing our own. After that, we will continue to read ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’

Writing – We will be writing a newspaper report based on migration and refugees. This is in relation to our current class read ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna.

Maths – We will be consolidating our learning on BODMAS. Then, we will spend the week learning to decode word problems. These word problems will require us to use the order of operations (BODMAS).

Dates for the diary

Maths club as usual on Thursday at 3:30pm.

Please if you were not able to attend parents evening get in touch with your class teacher to arrange a date.

Key Messages

Thank you for your ongoing support with uniform. We are really proud of our Year group!

Swimming is no longer happening and we will be returning to a regular time table.

Practice your times tables at home using the PIXL website. Speak to Miss Foreman or Miss Goddard if you are having any trouble logging on. ( )

Spellings will be tested each Friday. Spelling rule for the week is ‘ee’ spelt y.

PE Days  – Monday (Every week)

Tuesday – Week 2

Wednesday – Week 1

Times Tables

Children will be expected to know all of their times tables by Christmas. Here are some ideas to help you at home to learn them.

  • Recall the times tables in a chant. It is important to chant the whole statement, rather than just the answers.
  • Practice starting the times tables in different orders.
  • Create times tables dominoes. Can you match the question to the answer?
  • Create the times tables by grouping objects that you have around the house.
  • Play times table bingo.
  • Create a times table song.
  • Use online games – example in the link below.
  • Practice them walking to school.

Buster’s Book Club!

Every Wednesday is Buster’s day!

Buster challenges us to read 15 minutes every Wednesday with someone at home that can record it on our Buster’s Book Club Bookmarks. On a Thursday morning, all of the children that meet the 10 minute target, plus extra, are counted up in the competition against the rest of the school.

After all of the results are in, we find out who wins Buster’s trophy for the week (the winner gets an extra playtime)!