Northfield St Nicholas Mathematics

At Northfield St. Nicholas Primary Academy, we aim to offer pupils a rich and enjoyable experience in mathematics by providing the knowledge, skills, concepts and processes that are appropriate to each individual and that relate to the world around them. This provision should enable them to:

  • Develop a positive and confident attitude towards mathematics and to achieve well in Mathematics.
  • Develop logical thinking, enquiring minds and an ability to record in a systematic way.
  • Use maths to interpret, predict, explain and solve problems involving as much practical/real life experiences as possible.
  • To use their knowledge of mathematical language to talk about their work and explain their thinking/reasoning.
  •  Develop their ability to work independently and collaboratively, as appropriate.
  •  Use Computing equipment and programs within mathematics lessons to help in the development of their mathematical concepts. This equipment will include calculators, programmable resources, computers and iPads.
  • Use their skills to make informed and responsible choices throughout their lives.

The School has adopted the White Rose Maths Calculation Policy which emphasises conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, learning of process skills and focuses on mathematical problem solving.

You can find How We Do Maths at Northfield St. Nicholas and the Calculation Policy in the pdf documents below.

NSN Maths How We Do It Here



Addition and subtraction calculation policy

Multiplication and Division calculation policy V2


R2 Maths Progression Map N-Y6

Mathematics Gallery