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How my child with SEND is supported at Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy?

At Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy we ensure that we follow the statutory government document called SEND Code of Practice 2015.  As part of the SEND Code of Practice we follow an Assess, Plan, Do, Review Cycle, a minimum of three times a year.

  • Assess-  Teachers, SENCO and/or support staff assess each child to identify where they are in their learning. The type of assessments that take place depend on the individual child and their needs.
  • Planning – Targets are then identified through assessments, as well as professional and  parent  knowledge of the pupil’s needs.  Pupil voice is also captured. These targets are written down in a learning plan.   During the learning plan review meetings parents discuss their child’s learning and targets with their class teacher. If a child is supported by an outside agency we also follow their advice when planning provision for pupils.
  • Do –  We implement the provision as agreed.
  • Review -Assessments, observations and teacher assessments take place throughout the term. The learning plan is annotated and altered if needed. During the next learning plan review meeting, we discuss the progress that has taken place and celebrate successes that have happened. If we are concerned regarding a pupils progress or needs outside agency support is sought following a graduated approach.

Who is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy?

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Lindsay Higgins.

How will I be able to speak to the SENCO?

SENCO Surgeries – You can book an appointment to discuss your child with the SENCO at the office. Ask for an appointment and they will book you in.

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Please see attached our information leaflets and see below helpful websites:



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Please see information documents below from SENDIASS

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Where can I find the SEND information Report?

The SEND Information Report has been developed with the SENCO, parents and governors. It provides you with information regarding the support in school for pupils with Special Educational Needs.

Click the link below to see information regarding the provision we can provide for your child.

SEND Offer

SEND Information Report 2021-2022

What should I do if I am concerned that my child has SEND?

At Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy we follow a graduated approach. If you have concerns regarding your child then the best thing to do is make an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher. Following this appointment an agreed best course of action will take place. Alternatively, you can book a SENCO Surgery appointment at the office and speak to the SENCO.







Where can I find further information about Special Educational Needs?

The SEND local Offer website:

General Special Educational Need and Disability Advice:

 Speech and Language Information and Support:

Autism Information and Support:

ADHD Information and Support :

Dyslexia Information and Support:

SEN Policies

Please click here to go to our Policies Page.