Year 3 Classes

Welcome to the Year 3 Class page.

Our Summer term learning will be based upon ‘One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia’ by Miranda Paul. The children will be looking at the world and the positives and negatives that humans have on our ecosystems. Children will be looking at the role of plastic within the world and how we can change our local area to improve our ecosystem. Towards the end of term, children will present their findings to adults within the local community in the form of presentations and recycled sculptures.


This term the children will be engaging in a range of fiction and non-fiction extracts, where possible linking into our Power of Reading book. We are practising our VIPERS reading skills, focusing this term on the retrieval and inference domains.

Please continue to support your child’s reading at home.

Buster’s Book Club!

Every Wednesday is Buster’s day!

Buster challenges us to read 15 minutes every Wednesday with someone at home that can record it on our Buster’s Book Club Bookmarks. On a Thursday morning, all of the children that meet the 10 minute target, plus extra, are counted up in the competition against the rest of the school.

After all of the results are in, we find out who wins Buster’s trophy for the week (the winner gets an extra playtime)!


At Northfield St. Nicholas we teach our English curriculum through high quality texts. The texts we use link directly to our lines of enquiry and support our learning in other areas of the curriculum. Roughly, each half term we introduce a new text.

The children explore the text page by page over the half term and engage with it in a variety of ways. We use lots of drama to support us and take lots of photos – keep checking back to see what we have been up to!

We will be improving our knowledge of grammar and parts of speech, as we learn to write different types of sentences. Approximately once a weeks, we will be putting what we have learned into practise with a ‘Big Write’.

Please continue to support your child at home with spelling and handwriting practise.


At Northfield, we adopt a Mastery approach during our lessons. Daily children will engage three maths sessions, timetables, maths mastery and maths workshop. The children’s lessons will be based upon their gaps and will use the mastery ‘Inspire Maths’ program.

This half term children will be completing our learning on fractions and will then be moving onto look at area and perimeter.

Inspire Maths Home Activities 3

P.E. will take place on Friday each week, with an additional P.E. lesson on either Wednesday (B) or Thursday (A). Children should bring their P.E. kits to school on Monday and keep them in school all week.


Group 1: cram, crammed, strap, strapped, drip, dripped, pat, patted, jet, jetted

Group 2: hunt, hunted, scare, scared, copy, copied, cry, cried, reply, replied


Key Dates

21st June 2019 – KS2 Celebration Assembly

10th July 2019 – LKS2 Sports Day

15th July 2019 – Arctic Fox’s Story Cafe

16th July 2019 – Penguin’s Story Cafe

18th July 2019 – Last day of Summer Term

Links to help at home: