Welcome to Year 3



Puffins – Miss Murphy and Miss Price



Arctic Foxes – Miss Sawyer and Miss Manthorpe





Here at Northfield St Nicholas, we love to read! We have a daily reading session, with a core text. This half term our

core text is ‘Operation Gadget Man’ by Malorie Blackman. The core texts are supplemented by a variety of additional texts, to support children developing their reading fluency and confidence across a range of text types.

All children have a reading book based on their assessment level. Please remember to read at least 3 times a week and log this on BoomReader.

Every Tuesday, the children have the opportunity to visit our school’s ‘Lost Library’. During their weekly library sessions children can change their existing library books. These are taken home for them to enjoy in their home setting!



Here at NSN, we follow CUSP for our writing curriculum. CUSP provides an ambitious curriculum, covering the necessary skills required to be successful readers and writers.

This half term we will be writing our own third person narratives with a key focus on literacy devices and expanded noun phrases. We will then move on to performance poetry.




At Northfield St Nicholas, we adopt a Mastery approach during our daily maths lessons. The mastery approach supports children in becoming fluent and confident mathematicians. Maths lessons include ‘Flashback 4’ where children recap 4 previously learnt skills, fluency activities and opportunities for children to apply their knowledge to reasoning and problem solving. This half term we will be covering multiplication and division, and length and perimeter.

Times Tables are so important in LKS2 to help children confidently tackle trickier maths problems– please support your child in learning and rapidly recalling their tables at least 3 times a week on TTRockstars or Hit the Button. https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/41117



In Science this half term we are focusing on Forces and Magnets. We will identify the different types of forces acting upon objects, explore the force of friction, explore materials that are magnetic and non-magnetic, investigate the strengths of magnets and know that magnets have 2 poles





Our Geography theme this term is the UK. Children will learn about the four countries that make up the UK, their capital cities, regions, physical features and landmarks.




This half term, we will be learning about the changes in Britain from The Stone Age to the Iron Age.


PE takes place on a Monday. Please ensure your child arrives to school in full PE kit. This half term the children will participate in a wide variety of invasion games.