Visions and Values

Our School Values (PDF Document)

Vision Statement

We strive to ensure that all our pupils are happy, confident, ambitious individuals with a passion for learning. They possess the skills, knowledge, learning attitudes and behaviours to be successful in the world today, and in the future.

Northfield St Nicholas Primary School Vision and Values



  • To raise attainment in Maths and English to above National levels
  • To provide effective transitions and transfers to ensure that pupils feel safe, happy and confident
  • To deliver the highest quality teaching and learning
  • To celebrate effort, achievement and diversity
  • To strive for continuous improvement and excellence
  • To ensure that all within our community feel safe, happy and confident to enable them to achieve
  • To work effectively in partnership with parents, schools and other agencies
  • To raise aspiration and ambition by enabling our community to develop skills, attitudes and behaviours vital for successful learning, life and work
  • To provide a curriculum that inspires a passion for learning, promotes ambition a knowledge of the world and develops enquring minds

Curriculum Drivers

These curriculum drivers are specific to our school and are evident throughout the school. They guide our planning to ensure we provide rich learning opportunities for all our pupils. Also, that we meet statutory requirements and the unique needs of our community.

Northfield St Nicholas Primary School Vision and Values