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We are a very hard working and friendly team who absolutely want the very best educational experience for the children in our care. We have effective teachers who are committed to ensuring and providing high quality learning experiences which enable the children to be reflective learners. Every day, the highest quality feedback from staff ensures our children can develop, practice and apply their skills as well as being challenged to move on and make new learning progress as soon as they are ready to do so.

We have the very highest aspirations for the children in our learning community and set high standards and expectations to challenge our children to be the best learners they can possibly be. We are unwavering in setting high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff and are uncompromising in our ambition to improve the outcomes for all pupils at our school.

We have a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires our pupils to learn, where safeguarding is effective and pupils are listened to and feel safe. “To keep you safe and to help you learn” is our mantra.

Our school motto – Working together to achieve excellence for all – captures what we hope to facilitate for all our stakeholders, from pupils and their families to our staff and other learning partners in the wider community.

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Good Evening all,

Some further ideas for this weeks home learning.

Take care all. ...

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How about trying a virtual assembly in the morning? ...

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We have now been operating our childcare facility for just over a week and staff have settled into their new routines. As well as providing childcare to the groups of pupils the Government has identified, we are also responsible for providing a lunch for all children who are eligible for a free school meal (FSM). We have achieved this by offering packed lunches which have been served to children attending our childcare facility, and also collected by prior notification by those parents and carers of children who are eligible for FSM but not eligible for childcare or may be self-isolating or unwell.

Since we put our lunch arrangements in place however, the Government has asked families to stay at home and fewer families are now collecting or attending the childcare and providing such lunches is becoming more challenging. We have therefore made the decision to move to a food voucher system which will enable us to get food vouchers to you directly via e-mail, but will mean that you will need to provide a packed lunch if your child is attending our childcare facility.

Over the coming days you will receive an e-mail from us which you will need to acknowledge. Once you have done this, you will be sent a week’s worth of food vouchers each week – the value of which is £15 per child, per week. You will only be able to claim vouchers through this scheme for children within your family who are eligible for FSM. We are hoping to move to this new system rapidly and will set out further details as and when further facts are known. In the interim we will continue to offer the packed lunch service for those in attendance for childcare and available for collection to those who are eligible and have arranged by emailing fsm@nsnacademy.com. ...

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