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We are a very hard working and friendly team who absolutely want the very best educational experience for the children in our care. We have effective teachers who are committed to ensuring and providing high quality learning experiences which enable the children to be reflective learners. Every day, the highest quality feedback from staff ensures our children can develop, practice and apply their skills as well as being challenged to move on and make new learning progress as soon as they are ready to do so.

We have the very highest aspirations for the children in our learning community and set high standards and expectations to challenge our children to be the best learners they can possibly be. We are unwavering in setting high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff and are uncompromising in our ambition to improve the outcomes for all pupils at our school.

We have a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires our pupils to learn, where safeguarding is effective and pupils are listened to and feel safe. “To keep you safe and to help you learn” is our mantra.

Our school motto – Working together to achieve excellence for all – captures what we hope to facilitate for all our stakeholders, from pupils and their families to our staff and other learning partners in the wider community.

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14 hours ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

An exciting opportunity has arisen for you to be part of the children’s learning experience here at Northfields.

We are currently looking for volunteers to join us to support children’s’ reading and literacy skills. You will receive support and training and be part of a valuable team that can make a real difference to the children.

Our team have set themselves high expectations with a goal to ensure that all children develop a passion for reading and have regular opportunities to read with an adult, share stories, be read to and discuss books.

Please note that all volunteers will need to fill out a short application form and provide two references to fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities.

We can only start the application once these references have been received. Once the application form and references have been approved, we will need to apply for a DBS check and you will need an induction and safeguard training before starting your role as a volunteer.

So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, or you would like more information, do get in touch – WE NEED YOU! ...

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19 hours ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

It has come to our attention that missing uniform has rightfully become a concern.

We would like to advise that we do our upmost to return all lost property.

We have advised and updated our team here at Northfield to be extra vigilante going forward both in encouraging children to take care and responsibility for their uniform and to also support them with strategies and systems to keep track of their uniform and keep it safe at school..

Our pastoral team regularly sorts and washes all lost property and returns it to our pupils where ever possible. To help us ensure we can carry out this process efficiently - please make sure all items of clothes are named and remind your children to keep their uniform safe at school by putting it on their chair back in class, in their bag or on their coat hook if they take it off. Please help us remind them not to leave it in the playground or in other areas of the school.

We understand that names in clothing when stuck, sown or written on tags is not always 'fool proof' in ensuring missing items come back to the rightful owners. We also recommend that as well as doing this, it could be help full to also have your child's name (both first and surname) written on the hems of items in suitable marker pens (ie: 'Sharpie' or permanent marker.) Although this may need re writing periodically when it fades, it can help ensure the item does not end up with the wrong child should the name label or tag goes astray.

We are in the process of putting in place a system where unnamed lost property will be emptied out and displayed each week to pupils, parents and carers, to help locate missing items - this will take place on alternate weeks (one week in the front on the field, one week at the back playground) on a Friday afternoon. Please come and see if anything missing belongs to you.

We appreciate communication with us about matters like this and strive with your help to make Northfields the best it can be.

If anyone is continuing to have problems with lost uniform, please do come and speak to us so we can see how we can help. ...

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2 days ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

FREE creative activity sessions this weekend - a great chance to experience some sea shanties and other songs! ...

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3 days ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

Good Evening all,

On Friday the Lemurs had a problem to solve - The Three Block Tower Challenge.

They were each given three blocks, one green, one red and one yellow.

They had to work out how many different towers they could make only using their three coloured cubes.

As a class, they worked out that there were six combinations in total.

Well done Lemurs! ...

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4 days ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy


That's right, this is your chance to join the cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Marina Theatre this year. Tread the boards alongside Collabro's Michael Auger and Lowestoft's favourite Terry Gleed.

We're looking for local 9-13 year olds no taller than 5'0'' to play the parts of the seven dwarfs.

More details below. Auditions will take place on Saturday 21st September, registration opens at 11.30am. Spread the word. ...

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Remember, if you're out and about shopping this weekend - we're collecting Team GB stickers from Aldi!

PLEASE PLEASE HELP us complete our poster and we will receive an exclusive sports kit, plus the chance to win £20,000!!

Shop til you drop and bring your stickers in.

Together we can be in with a chance of winning £20,000! ...

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1 week ago

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

Timeline PhotosBuilding self-esteem through love and encouragement can be the greatest gift you can give ... #ChooseKindess #GiveLove #BeKind ...

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