At NSN we believe that each curriculum area should be inspired by ASUPERHERO (aspiration, sensory, unforgettable, progress, exciting, relevant, hope, emotional literacy, reading and opportunity). We believe history is a rich and necessary subject that teaches the children lessons from the past, but also how we have adapted and developed as a world. At NSN, we promote and celebrate the history of Lowestoft and engage the children by exploring our local area. We believe children should be able to identify and understand the impact of key historical events and how these have shaped the world today.
Children are encouraged to gain knowledge and understanding of the past and thus stimulate their curiosity.

We offer Enrichment Days as part of our ASUPERHERO history curriculum including:

  • Guy Fawkes (5th November)
  • Remembrance Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • Black History Month
  • Local History Month


NSN History How we do it here

NSN History Progression Map

History Vocabulary Progression