Year 4 Classes

What are your children learning this week? 
(Week Beginning 12.11.18)

Maths – In Maths this week the children will be learning to answer multiplication and division questions.

English – In our writing this week we will be focusing on the story ‘Varjak Paw’.

Reading – This week Reindeers have been looking at explaining sections of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’

Topic –  In Topic, the children will be learning about Mesopotamia and the Cuneiform language.

Dates for the diary

Tuesday 13th November 2018 –  Parents’ Evening.

Thursday 15th November 2018 – Parents’ Evening.

Monday 10th December – Fantastic Finish – 3pm

Key Messages


Our Library day will be on Monday each week. This will be an opportunity for your child to choose a book to share with you at home. As a school we encourage reading for pleasure and this is the perfect way for you to help promote a love of literacy, too.

A big thank you for your ongoing support with school uniform. The children all look very smart in their new uniform. Wearing the correct uniform is something we pride ourselves on as a school as it provides the children with consistency and a sense of belonging.

If you have any questions regarding school uniform please either refer to the school website, here, or talk to your child’s class teacher.

It is important for children to have their purple school jumpers in school as the days become colder.

If it is cold or raining then please ensure your child has a coat.

The children will be swimming each week on a Thursday morning after the October half term. They must have a swim hat which are available from the school office.

Spellings will be tested each Friday.

PE Days  – Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Times Tables

Children will be expected to know all of their times tables by Christmas.

The government have introduced an end of Year 4 times tables test.

Here are some ideas to help you at home to learn them-:

  • Recall the times tables in a chant. It is important to chant the whole statement, rather than just the answers.
  • Practice starting the times tables in different orders.
  • Create times tables dominoes. Can you match the question to the answer?
  • Create the times tables by grouping objects that you have around the house.
  • Play times table bingo.
  • Create a times table song.
  • Use online games – example in the link below.
  • Practice them walking to school.

Buster’s Book Club!

Every Wednesday is Buster’s day!

Buster challenges us to read 15 minutes every Wednesday with someone at home that can record it on our Buster’s Book Club Bookmarks. On a Thursday morning, all of the children that meet the 10 minute target, plus extra, are counted up in the competition against the rest of the school.

After all of the results are in, we find out who wins Buster’s trophy for the week (the winner gets an extra playtime)!