Modern Foreign Languages

At Northfield, we enjoy language learning through games, play, and lots of speaking and listening. In this way, we believe that your child will learn with confidence and

enthusiasm. Learning a new language provides opportunities for children to gain a better understanding of the World. It helps them to develop empathy for others and a curiosity for different cultures and ideas. As they get older, a second language could help your child to find an exciting career, or study or work abroad.

Children in KS2 are taught French through the programme Rigolo (Nelson Thornes).

Year 3 – Rigolo 1 Units 1-6

This includes learning about:

  • greetings
  • numbers and months
  • classroom objects and instructions
  • colours
  • pets
  • family
  • parts of the body

Year 4 – Rigolo 1 Units 7-12

This includes learning about:

  • nationalities
  • time and leisure,
  • describing people
  • clothes
  • festivals and France
  • weather
  • food and shopping

Year 5 – Rigolo 2 Units 1-6

This includes learning about:

  • brothers and sisters
  • school subjects
  • opinions
  • food
  • places in town and directions
  • holidays and activities
  • describing rooms in the house

Year 6 – Rigolo 2 Units 7-12

This includes learning about:

  • weekend activities
  • clothes
  • prices
  • daily routing
  • transport
  • sport


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