Our lives are increasingly reliant on computers, so it is important that we can fluently interact with them as well as understand how they work. Throughout their time at school our pupils will interact with a variety of technologies to better understand them and create diverse projects for a range of audiences.

Click the links below to read more about each Computing strand.

Computer Science – Learning how programs work and coding.pdf

E-safety – how we stay safe when using technology.pdf

Digital Literacy – Planning, creating and evaluating digital projects.pdf

Information Technology – How computers and the Internet words.pdf

Why you should code!

This video gives an introduction to programming. Featuring the words of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Gabe Newell and many more. It explains why progamming has become such a large part of the Computing curriculum in Britain and further afield!

Video not available

Platform game using conditionals

Here is a link to the example platform game I have been using with years four and five.

Hide and Seek game using conditionals and variables

This is the game we have been trying to recreate in year 6.

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