Year 1 Classes

Welcome to Year 1.

This term our line of enquiry is….

Seasons and weather – How do they affect us?

This half term our learning will be based around the poetry book ‘Out and About’ by Shirley Hughes.


In Geography we will be developing our learning about the United Kingdom. By the end of our learning, we will be able to identify where Lowestoft is on a map and articulate whether Lowestoft is a town or a city. We will also be learning about our post codes and why they are important in keeping us safe.

In Science we will be learning all about plants. We will be learning about garden plants, wild plants and trees in our local area. We will also be finding out about the key parts of a plant.

In PSHE we will be learning about resilience. We will be learning about the meaning of resilience and how we must keep trying and pushing ourselves, even when it gets tricky.



This term the children will be engaging in a range of fiction and non-fiction  texts, where possible linking into our Power of Reading book. We are practising our VIPERS reading skills, focusing this term on the retrieval and inference domains.

Please continue to support your child’s reading at home.

Word of the Day!

Each week we learn five brand new words to expand our vocabulary!

This week our words are:

Noun – napkin

Adjective – grotesque

Compound – household

Suffix – soiled

Multi-syllabic – tableware


Reading Wednesday!

Don’t forget to read every Wednesday and at least three times a week. Do not forget that we are all in a reading race against every other class in the school!

Please practice your spellings at home!

This week’s spelling rule is: the ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ spelling.

Some examples of the words that we look at might be:

out             loud

cloud         about

cow            owl

how           down

mouth       allow



At Northfield St. Nicholas we teach our English curriculum through high quality texts. The texts we use link directly to our lines of enquiry and support our learning in other areas of the curriculum. Roughly, each half term we introduce a new text.

The children explore the text page by page over the half term and engage with it in a variety of ways. We use lots of drama to support us and take lots of photos – keep checking back to see what we have been up to!

We will be improving our knowledge of grammar and parts of speech, as we learn to write different types of sentences. Approximately once a weeks, we will be putting what we have learned into practise with a ‘Big Write’.

Please continue to support your child at home with spelling and handwriting practise.



At Northfield, we adopt a Mastery approach during our lessons. Daily children will engage in three maths sessions, timetables, maths mastery and maths workshop. The children’s lessons will be based upon their gaps and will use the mastery ‘Inspire Maths’ program.

Inspire Maths Home Activities 1

Times tables!

Don’t forget to practice your times tables at home! We are currently focusing on the two times table.

Click the links below to sing along with the Super movers!

KS1 Times Tables Mash-up!

The 2 Times Table with Bridget the Lioness!

Posh Pooch 5 Times Table!

The 10 Times Table with Webster the Spider!

Don’t forget to use the PiXL times tables app!

Click here

Remember to collect coins on ‘Times table Rock stars!’ Will you beat the other class? Maybe you could even challenge your teacher!

Click here

Key Dates


Links to help at home: