Pupil Premium

At Northfield we are resolute that every child will achieve their potential, regardless of their socio-economic status that suggests unfavourable circumstances linked to financial or limited social opportunities.

At Northfield our team of staff work diligently to close the gap in attainment between those children deemed disadvantaged and those that are non-disadvantaged. This focuses on improving every child’s ability to read and produce high quality English and maths work that is age appropriate or specifically differentiated to their year group and key stage. At the same time, we focus on supporting the children’s well-being and health along with their emotional needs; including the improvement of children’s conduct and learning behaviours whilst at school.   We recognise the importance of excellent attendance and the Attendance Team work with the home settings to ensure that all children meet the Governments National Expectation of 96% attendance; at times engaging the Local Authority Attendance Team to improve standards. Where appropriate, we engage a wide range of external services that can support the family unit, improve a child’s self-esteem or help them come to terms with significant events in their lives.  

As a team of professional staff we identify personal and academic barriers to learning and provide solutions in order to support progress and attainment. The support is bespoke and the interventions delivered are tracked over time to measure their impact and suitability for the next phase of support.

Collectively we find ways of moving learning forwards in a supportive and caring way.

Together we make the difference!

We receive an additional £1300 for every child that is entitled to a Free School Meal through the Government’s Pupil Premium Grant. Even if your child is currently entitled to the Universal Free School Meal, due to being in Early Years or Key Stage 1, you may still be eligible for FSMs, so we receive the extra funding.

The extra funding that we receive through the Pupil Premium Grant is spent in various ways to improve children’s learning, their opportunities and general wellbeing. Please take a look at the reports below to see how we allocate funding and the impact this makes.

NSN Pupil Premium Strategy Statement October 2023

NSN Pupil Premium Strategy Statement November 2022

NSN Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021 – 2022

NSN Catch Up Strategy 20.21

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