Pupil Parliament

Northfield St Nicholas Pupil Parliment

What does the Pupil Parliament do?

Our Pupil Parliament has been meeting this year as part of our school’s promise to educate the children about British Values, in particular Democracy. The representatives were chosen from each class by their peers to give the pupils a voice in the school.

Our new Pupil Parliament are all about improving our school. We will be gathering ideas from all the children, looking at solutions to any problems that are raised and looking at future areas for development. The members themselves will benefit from the experience of being in a position of responsibility, and some of the members have developed through interview coaching to give them useful skills for the future.

So far the members have discussed improving the school by incorporating new and improved play equipment. The children will also work with a budget to decide on specific improvements.

Members will be continuing to talk to their class about the forthcoming year and how we can keep achieving excellence throughout the school.

Pupil Parliament