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NSN Remote Education Offer 2021

Remote Education Policy

NSN Guide to Remote Learning

Remote learning update 29.01.21

We are using Google Classroom for our remote learning for children who have to isolate at home.

Login at using your child’s login details. Please contact the school (remotelearning@nsnacademy.comif you are unable to log in or have any questions about remote learning.

1.Click on the 9 dots icon in the top right hand corner of the browser which is between the cog and the G Suite icons, it says google apps when you hover over it.
google apps icon.jpg
2.Click on Classroom icon, green with yellow border showing people inside.
Classroom Icon.png
3.This will open up in a new tab and you should have an invite to your class, click join.
When logged in you will be able to access google classroom via
Children also have access to:-
All three of these have apps which are  available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.