Year 2

Autumn term:

Autumn term our topic is ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’  and we then move onto ‘Beat Band Boogie’

During the term we learn about castles and what life was like in a castle. We also learn about famous people in the past.

In History we focus on the life of William the Conqueror, creating a timeline and learning about famous events from the past (The Battle of Hastings)

We also visit Framlingham castle and look at features of a castle.

Later on in Autumn term we explore rhythm and rhyme – we learn about The Grand Old Duke of York (famous people from the past) and report on the incident and create our own newspaper reports using ambitious vocabulary to make it more interesting.

We also read ‘The Tin Soldier’ and plan and create our own alternative version and ending of the story.

Towards the end of the term we read ‘ The Queen’s knickers’ – in DT we design and make a pair of royal knickers for the Queen and write letters (persuasive writing) inviting the Queen to our school. We also learn about the Queen and create a timeline.

Spring term:

Our topic is ‘The Scented Garden’

During this topic we learn about plants and living things.

We plan flowers and vegetables in our garden area.

We explore different versions of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk – we read the story ‘Jack and the baked beanstalk’ and use this as a WAGOLL for planning, writing and up-levelling our own Jack the Beanstalk story.

We also find out about mini beasts! We use non-fiction texts to find information and plan and create our own fact files and fact pages.

We also explore mini beast poems and plan, write and perform our own mini beast poems.

We visit Minsmere nature reserve and explore mini beasts and their habitats. Waveney Beekeeping group visit us and we find out about bees and how they make honey.

Summer term:

The summer term topic is ‘Land Ahoy’

During this topic we will learn about pirates.

We spend a week exploring pirates and the pirate life. We give ourselves pirate names, learn how to talk like a pirate, learn about pirate chores, and life on a pirate ship. We visit ‘Time and Tide museum’ in Great Yarmouth and find out more about the life of a pirate.

We plan, write and up-level our own pirate adventure stories.

In Summer 2 we explore our local area and the seaside.

We use geography skills to create 3D models/maps of our local area.

We visit the beach and create persuasive posters to boost tourism in Lowestoft.