Year 5

Aut 1 and 2 – Ancient Civilisations

During the Autumn term pupils will be learning about ancient civilisations, with a particular focus on Ancient Egypt. Through role play, reading, maths, science and research, the children will gain an understanding of how people lived thousands of years ago. The children will compare and contrast the life of pharaohs and slaves, and how the Egyptians treated their dead. We will build model pyramids, mummify fruits and sausages, make canopic jars, and create death-masks and even jewellery. It will be an awesome archaeological expedition!

Spr 1 & 2 – Alchemy Island

Alchemy Island is a topic that covers a range of key curriculum areas with the hook of magic to engage the children. Science is a key focus of the unit with the children taking part in a range of chemistry experiments with a magical theme. They will also be exploring the geographical aspects of Alchemy Island and learning about topographical features as well as land use and physical geography. Finally, the children will also be exploring a range of musical themes throughout the topic with the opportunity to create their own magical melodies.

Sum 1 & 2 – Child’s War

This term children will learn about the causes of World War 2, and compare and contrast what life was like during that period with their own lives today. They will learn about the effects of rationing, evacuation, propaganda and changes in society from a child’s perspective. They will conduct research and learn and apply their new skills across the curriculum. Children will also be part of performances; they’ll learn common WW2 dances that showed the solidarity of the country and demonstrated war-time spirit.