To create engaging learning across a number of subjects, each year group has a topic that changes, each half or whole term. It’s a wonderful way for the children to develop their knowledge, experiences and curiosity of the world in which we live. The traditional subjects covered include History, Geography, RE, Music, Science and Computing, with different combinations used depending on the topic.

Please see the links below for the individual subject policies, as well as what each year group gets up to in Topic Lessons.

In the Autumn term our line of enquiry is ‘What are your hopes and fears?’

We will be exploring a number of themes whilst exploring the following texts:

The Dark by Lemony Snicket

Traction Man by Mini Grey

In the Autumn term we will be comparing and contrasting countries with differing seasons. Pupils will be able to describe and compare the seasons and the types of weather you may experience.

Pupils will learn to use map skills to identify given countries , the worlds continents and oceans.  They will also learn about the equator and the impact this has on countries climates. They will compare the climate and seasons of Sommaroy in Norway with those in they are more familiar with in Lowestoft.

Pupils will have a good geographical understanding of where they live and what it is like in comparison to other parts of the world.

To find out more about how Topic’s are geared towards the pupils’ interests in Early Years, click here to go to the Early Years Foundation Stage page.

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