Year 6

Aut 1 & 2 Frozen Kingdom

Spring 1 & 2 – Survival

Throughout this topic pupils will be challenged to explore and develop their Growth Mindset qualities. Pupils will enjoy stories of survival where people go against the odds to succeed. Children will be given opportunities to practically test their survival skills whilst designing and building a shelter and working as a team to complete tasks. This topic will require children to solve mathematical problems related to real life survival situations.

Sum 1  2 – Showtime!

Pupils will be engaged in some exciting projects this half term! Year 6 will be putting on two exciting

showcases; both will demonstrate their brilliant teamwork, determination, and a range of skills to their audiences. Firstly, Year 6 will be taking part in a video showcase of students work from across Lowestoft, pupils will spend time writing, and creating films using the iPads and then get to premier them in a red carpet style event at Lowestoft College. Secondly, the children will be rehearsing and performing their very own production at school – this is sure to be a musical delight!